US New Mexico Federal Credit Union doesn't care about consistency or customer service

Tucson, Arizona 0 comments

US New Mexico Federal Credit Union is probably the worse credit union in New Mexico.So many of their employees have left and been replaced with inexperienced people.

The service has declined and no one knows how to do their job. I have asked for certain employees who have always helped me in the past, but have been told they have left. Every time I do business with the credit union there is someone new who doesn't have a clue how to do their job. What usually only took a few minutes to do, now takes days and is usually done wrong.

No one seems to care that I have entrusted them with my money. Well, I care and that's why I am going to take my account somewhere else.

If you care about your finances and want to do business with a credit union that cares too, don't go to US New Mexico Federal Credit Union.

Review about: Customer Service.

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